Executive Board

Dear future Participants of MUETMUN19,
Greetings to all of you.
Welcome to the world of big-issue discussions, socializing in suits and sleep deprivation. It gives me immense pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome to this years MUET Model United Nations.
I, Jazib Bashir Shaikh, recent graduate of Civil Engineering from Mehran UET, Jamshoro, will be hosting you as the President of MUET Model United Nations 2019. My MUN career started in the year 2014 when I attended my first MUN i.e. HYDMUN l. I joined the MUETMUN society back in 2016 and since then, it almost became impossible for me to turn away from this esteemed society. Today, I am utterly delighted and proud to preside the very own MUN of "MY UNIVERSITY".
In this years edition, not only do we have mind-boggling Committees but also astonishing and eye-popping Social Events. Stay connected to our page as we slowly unveil the details of the event.

A great scholar Saadi Shirazi said "Worst day of your life is when you learnt nothing ". Always learn and make all your days the Best. Work for Excellence, success comes to you eventually. Dont see, OBSERVE! Dont Listen, INERPRET! Dont do either of these if youre not making any sense, though. Remember a tiny little fact that you are actually a few of those who can afford to get opportunities like these. As for the conference, here is all you need to know: "Not everyone can be a Great Debater, but a Great Debater can come from anyone". Youve invested quite an amount to attend this event. There is simply no reason to hold you back. Perceive. Learn. Contribute. I look forward to see our honourable delegates at MUETMUN19 for rigorous and professional diplomatic engagements. Come, Join and Witness. We await you. I wish you all Best of Luck!
Jazib Bashir Shaikh
-President, MUETMUN 19

Greetings everyone! I am Shakir Shakoor Khatti, serving as Vice-President of MUETMUN19. I have recently passed out bachelor of engineering (B.E) from Mechanical Engineering Department, MUET, Jamshoro. I first became part of this MUETMUN society as an Organizing Committee (OC) member in MUETMUN16. Continuing my spirit, I served as Director Media (EC member) in MUETMUN17. Due to stay in foreign (on exchange program) I was unable jo join my team in MUETMUN18, but this time I have come with an amplified spirit to bring this conference to a completely next level and I hope that you will also join your hands to meet our goals.
Model MUNs are the replica of original UN which are simulated in the same way to invigorate the leadership and communication skills of the young generation like university and college students so that they can represent our country anywhere in the world.

Keeping this in view, MUETMUN was designed to polish the soft skills of students at university level, and this conference has achieved its goals over the 5 years by producing many future leaders who have represented Mehran UET and Pakistan as a whole at international level. Its a pleasure to host you in this signature and prestigious conference of the year. As already said, it is a signature conference of Mehran UET and with the grace of Almighty Allah we are hosting 5th edition of MUETMUN with a motto of "Excellence is a habit." I look forward to see your spirit and energy to make this event successful, join us to lead.

Best Regards,
Shakir Shakoor Khatti
Vice-President, MUETMUN 19.

Assalam o alaikum everyone! Im Zainab Hanif Samma and I have this honor to serve as the Secretary General of MUET Model United Nations 2019. I am a final year student of Biomedical Engineering from MUET. I have been an outstanding and eminent member of MUET MUN family since two years. Apart from this I am the Vice President of Character Building Society (CBS) MUET and an active participant in different literary and co-curricular activities.

MUET MUN is the signature event of Mehran University. It has become the identity of MUET throughout the country. Alhumdolillah, we are proud to present its 5 th edition with the slogan "Excellence is a habit."

The motto is the same to rub and polish the gems of our university coming from all over Sindh. Giving them the arena to challenge themselves and to enhance their confidence, develop strong speaking and diplomatic skills and to indulge in the current state of the world.

This year we will continue the legacy and again will bring forward a sterling event, In Shaa Allah. I am excited for my journey as this years Secretary General and expect the same passion and determination from my team. We welcome everyone to join hands with us and make this event extraordinary.
Zainab Hanif Samma
Secretary General, MUET MUN19

Greetings to All!
This is Shaheer Qureshi serving as director general for MUETMUN 19 & on behalf of my entire team I welcome you to the fifth edition of MUETMUN.

Currently passing final year of bachelors in civil engineering from mehran university jamshoro. I have been indulged in social actuvites for past 3 years. the best part about MUETMUN is that it includes delegates from different background yet with enormous information about current issues and social issues of Pakistan.

I think if you have an aim to change the world. do not count weight of difficulties you have.I do have a desire to fulfill my role as director general and i can only do when i am the best that i can be. I wish you all good luck and have fun at MUETMUN"19"

Best Regards
Shaheer Qureshi
Director General-MUETMUN19

"Esteemed participants,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the 5th Model United Nations to be held in MEHRAN UNIVERSITY, JAMSHORO. MUETMUN19 is being organized by extremely dedicated Organization team. Our aim is to offer participants from renowned institutions an exciting and rewarding educational experience, delivered in an environment that is supportive and conducive to academic, professional and personal growth.

As the SECRETARIAT CO-ORDINATOR of MUETMUN19, and on behalf of the entire organizing team, I would like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to come and join us as we set out to explore the world of international politics, economy, law and diplomacy in one of the most prestigious MUN experience in Pakistan."

Best regards,