Executive Council

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.
It is my greatest honor and pleasure to welcome you all as the Director Finance of the fifth edition of MUET Model United Nation. I, Agha Kashif, currently pursuing my final year of bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at MUET, Jamshoro, started my MUN journey as a delegate and was awarded with HM for my outstanding performance. I was an Organizing Committee Member in MUETMUN'18 and fortunately won Best OC award and I also served as Director Brand Ambassador at PACT Model United Nation. Now, I am honored to serve MUET Model United Nation as Director Finance.
The best feature of MUN is, to communicate with others, learning new tactics, a competitive environment and a hot stage platform enhance your talking power, diplomatic and communication skills that boost you up on a next level of your life and make you as hard as concrete. These all are the essential parameters of human life that everyone must have.

I assure you all that through this 3-day conference and social events you will have the best experience in your life with enormous memories to cherish and wonderful experiences to learn and groom yourself because this time it's going to be much bigger, better and brighter than before. Our whole team and I shall do our best to have an amazing conference in which all participants can learn the certain procedure, rules and regulations of the Model United Nation. Get ready to give your best! With warm wishes,
Agha Kashif Tareen
Director Finance

Bilal Khan Jatoi


Greetings Everyone,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the 5th edition of MUETMUN. I am Saifullah Soomro, serving as "Director Sales and Promotion" in MUETMUN'19 and currently pursuing Bachelors Of Engineering in Computer Systems.

Since last 3 years I have been greatly involved in co-curricular activities and always enjoyed it and had great experience. I let the things to come my way, so that i can explore different stuff. But the MUN is totally different from other scenarios.

My MUN journey began from platform of MUETMUN'18 as "Organizing Committee Member". MUETMUN was the first ever MUN in the Interior Sindh's history that is representing itself with much more debating and moments of lifetime. I find MUN-NING as a platform for those who never exposed themselves.

I assure you all that it is going to be one of amazing experience for you people, because this time it is going to be much bigger, better and brighter than before. Hope to see you all t MUETMUN'19. Good luck to all participants
Best Regards,
Saifullah Soomro
Director Sales and Promotion

Hello Everyone!

I'm Noman Hussain Shaikh, currently enrolled in the final year of Bachelors in Civil Engineering Department, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology.

As I was also the part of MUETMUN'17 as a delegate, which was my only MUN experience. I realise how it has helped me in grooming my personality and helped me build up my confidence level.

You get to talk to different kind of people, learn to socialise and find out what kind of global problems exist in society. Meeting different minds and ideas contribute to your thinking and cognitive skills in a great way. I feel lucky that I got such a great chance to show up myself in front of huge number of people and missing that chance would've been worse.

As for this time, I'm serving as a Director Sponsorships in MUETMUN'19 and I welcome you all to join us as our Delegate on 25th, 26th and 27th January, 2019. My best wishes for everyone!

Noman Shaikh,
Director Sponsorships,

Hello World,

Asifa Burdy here, I'll be serving you people as Director Registrations and currently enrolled in The Department of Architecture MUET.

I've always had one and only one idol in Life to achieve everything you set your eyes on and that is "to be simple and confident over what your headstrong attitude is" with this practice I was an honour mentioned delegate MUETMUN'17, Best OC MUETMUN'18 and now hoping best experience in MUETMUN'19 too inshALLAH.

I assure you people will have satisfied time with the countless efforts of our team. Be happy do happy. Stay blessed.

Asifa Burdy
-Director Registrations (Female

Faiz Ahmed Abro


I Suhaib Alamgeer Memon here by sign in as the Director Registrations (Male) at MUETMUN'19

Currently in 3rd year at MUET I personally believe such interactive events not only to promote your confidence but also play a role in making your years at MUET memorable ones.

I have been part of several events of MUET, as I have been serving as Organizing Commitee Member in MUETMUN'18

However, MUETMUN is dearest to my heart, and we hope and pledge to make this a blast for you, a forever remember experience.

Your Very Own,
Suhaib Alamgeer Memon
Director Registrations (Male)

Asslamo alaikum

This is Rehmatullah Mehran Khan from 16 Electrical department,serving as Director Humans Resources (HR) MUET MUN'19 .I welcome you all on the platform of growth where leaders of tomorrow unite to hone their skills in leadership, teamwork, expository and persuasive writing, debating and negotiations, and learn the significance of these skills for personal development and a successful future.

I, became the member of MUET MUN family since 2 year as a delegate and very next year elected in Organizing Committee (OC) MUET MUN'18. Also good working experience in organizing and management side in the signature events of Mehran UET including sports week,BIG EVENT18 as organizer.

Currently working in the Character building society (CBS) MUET. Will good to see the youth delegate coming to MUET MUN'19 and wish them a pleasant stay at our campus.The future of the world is in the hands of the youth, and empowering the youth is our mission.

#Excellence #Is #A #Habit
Regards: Director HR
Rehmatullah Mehran Khan

Ladies and Gentlemen, greetings!

Its me, Mursal Furqan, currently pursuing of bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering at Mehran UET, Jamshoro. Like everyone else, I started my journey of Model United Nations as a delegate when in class XI. During the passage of time, I attended many MUNs and won several awards, ranging from SMs to HMs and ODs to BDs. After a gradual passage of time I started organizing MUNs and remained at key positions for different MUNs.

I remained Director Logistics for the very first edition of Petaro MUN, Dy. Director General for The Renaissance School MUN and also remained an organizing committee member at different MUNs. And currently serving as Director Graphics & Designs for MUETMUN’19.

The benefits of taking MUN as an extracurricular activity in my opinion are that it builds public speaking skill on sometimes complicated and difficult issues requiring analysis, improves engagement skills with other students, allows you to meet people with similar interests and build networks/communities, and overall improves your worldview.

I and my team assure you all that through this 3-day conference and social events you will have the best experience in your life with enormous memories to cherish and wonderful experiences to learn and groom yourself because this time it's going to be much bigger, better and brighter than before.

We, Team MUETMUN’19 shall try our best to serve you an amazing conference where everyone will get a chance to learn, groom and gain.

#MUETMUN19 #ExcellenceIsAHabit Awaiting to welcome all the future delegates at MUETMUN’19.
With warm wishes,
Mursal Furqan
Director Graphics & Designs

Greetings Everyone

I, Shahbaz Ali Memon Director Publication Of MUETMUN'19, welcome you all in the 5th edition of MUET Model United Nations. MUETMUN'19 creates a platform for you to expose your abilities to become best debater.

Before MUETMUN'19 I was an Organizing Committee member in MUETMUN'17 that was a brilliant journey of my life.

Now moving towards the next journey As a Director Publication & I'll play my role sincerely with MUET MUET Model United Nations. Best Of Luck All.!

Shahbaz Ali Memon
Director Publications-MUETMUN'19

Assalam-o-Alaikum everyone,

This is Syed Musab Ali Shah, serving as Director Brand Ambassadors, MuetMUN'19. My MUN-ing career started from MUETMUN'17 as an Organizing Committee Member. MUN-ing gives us the knowledge of essential skills like debating, arguing, diplomacy and much more.

There is also one other advantage which is our social life and social circle. On the whole it's a good practice and we all should participate.

Hope to see you in MuetMUN'19.

Best Regards,
Syed Musab Ali Shah
Director BA’s – MuetMUN'19



Assalam - Ul- Alikum Everyone!

This is Zaryab Aslam Soomro, currently enrolled as final year Student of B.E in Mechanical Engineering at MEHRAN UET Jamshoro, welcome you all to the 5th edition of MUET MODEL UNITED NATIONS - MUETMUN'19!

I participated in MUETMUN'17 as an organizing committee member and got countless experience. It was a nice experience for me to work as a organizing committee member and now I have been honored as Director Marketing in MUETMUN'19.

Actually MUN provides a platform where we can learn how to debate how to negotiate and where we improve our communication skills and where we can know the importance of united nation that how it solves the problems of the world.

Our whole team and I shall do our best to have a amazing conference in which all participants can learn the main objective of model united nation.

Looking forward to see you all and wish you all have a very good luck.

Zaryab Aslam Soomro
Director Marketing - MUETMUN'19

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen,

This is Nabeel Nisar Memon, currently perusing my Third Year of Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Mehran UET, Jamshoro. It is a great privilege for me to welcome you all yet again to the most awaited; fifth edition of MUET Model United Nations.

To me, MUET Model United Nations is the journey from “Consistency leads to success” to “Excellence is a habit”. My MUN journey began from the platform of MUETMUN’17 as a delegate and I was awarded Outstanding Diplomacy in it after that I was an OC member in MUETMUN’18.

In MUETMUN’19, I have been bestowed the honour to serve you as Director Logistics.

MUETMUN owes to bring the the best MUN in the region and emphasis on providing a quality platform and environment which plays a vital role in developing professional skills.

Looking forward to see you all in MUETMUN 19. Get ready and give your best!

With Warm Wishes,
Nabeel Nisar Memon
Director Logistics- MUETMUN 19

Furqan Channa