About MUETMUN'23

We all have been connected from the dawn of the radio to the golden age of television. From the silicon valley to the internet and beyond mediums have changed but there is one single solitary constant, one universal similarity that has always remained the same it is us the 'Human Connection' This year this connection will evolve as the great educational city of jamshoro will host the sixth ediiton of "MUETMUN" which will transcend the power of podiums to the great diplomatic success of the leaders for tommorow.

Here at MUETMUN, we work hard to ensure a prodigous delegate experience, alter perspectives, generate passion and create long lasting friendships by appreciating the transformative power of model UN keeping with the traditions of accessibility and innovation of the institute. Join us as we attempt to shape a brighter, kinder and more tolerant future.

As we provide a plattform for learning of our students who are the greatest hope in our plight for a successful tommorow. We extend a warm welcome to our delegates, staff and sponsors "We are MUETMUN'23"

Patron in Cheif

Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali (Vice Chancellor, Mehran UET )